Why Mobile?

Why Local And Small Businesses Need Mobile Friendly Websites

We all know that one of the fastest growing markets worldwide is the smart phone. Knowing that, it’s no surprise that it’s becoming clear why local and small businesses need mobile friendly websites. The sad fact is, nearly 90% of all websites are not accessible by handheld web devices. Making your company website smartphone compatible is one of the best tactics that any small business owner can utilize to get ahead of the competition.

Everywhere we go, in stores, in subways, on buses, and everywhere at the mall, people are tapping away and surfing the web on their touch screen smart phones. By making your business’s website mobile friendly, you are opening the company up to a much broader array of would-be customers. If you don’t make your site mobile friendly, whenever one of the hundreds of millions of smartphone users tries to access your website they’ll hit the proverbial brick wall. Then, they’ll try somewhere else. In the future, that could be severely detrimental to company profits.

One of the best features of having a mobile version of your website is that Google has a completely separate search engine for these sites. As mentioned before, nearly 90% of all websites are not accessible using a smartphone or iPad, so the search engine for mobile sites is still quick, easy, and not over packed with misc. sites.

By giving your potential new customers the chance to access your website at any time and any place, you chances for higher profits will sky-rocket. By making a mobile version of your website, you will give customers your store hours, address, and how to contact the company directly. All of those things are the basics of mobile use and the roots of building new customers. If you don’t take advantage of the ever growing smartphone and other handheld web devices, you may be falling behind and never even know it!

When considering the reasons why local and small businesses need mobile friendly websites, the pros far exceed the cons. Some consumers spend hundreds of dollars every month shopping on their cell phones. Taking advantage of this market will quickly make that small investment worth the small price and much, much more.

For more information and to have a FREE “No Obligation Mockup” of what your website SHOULD/COULD look like to your mobile customers, simply contact us today!

Let us show you how simple and affordable a mobile website solution can be for you and your business.


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